GraphQL Caching

Cache GraphQL APIs at the Edge

Because more cache means...well, more cash!

Layer0 ❤️ GraphQL

Layer0 provides full support for caching GraphQL APIs at the edge. Putting Layer0 in front of you GraphQL API can significantly improve its performance while reducing the amount of traffic that reaches your origin.

Caching made easy

No more jumping through hoops or cumbersome workarounds to cache GraphQL! Unlike traditional CDNs that were built only for GET caching, Layer0’s Edge network can cache GraphQL queries and generic POST requests.

Performance that scales the globe

Most CDNs fragment the cache for each node. Layer0 caches responses globally so that users everywhere can get the fastest possible response.

Maximize your cache hit rate

Layer0’s EdgeJS routing commands give you flexible control over caching, including caching rules based on cookies, authentication, URL patterns, and HTTP headers. Achieve the maximum possible cache hit rate using strategies such as stale-while-revalidate and automatic cache warming on deploy.  

Proven edge network

Layer0’s GraphQL caching is powered by Limelight's private, global backbone. This is the same network trusted by the biggest streaming companies in the world, including the Premier League Football Clubs and Disney BYJU.

Higher developer velocity

Layer0 is an integrated platform that lets you focus on your app instead of your infrastructure. From serverless JavaScript to built-in performance monitoring, Layer0 includes everything you need to deploy production apps at scale.

Easy migration

EdgeJS understands both your legacy and modern components, making it ideal for large enterprises that need to manage a mix of legacy and modern architectures or are trying to migrate to headless. Read the press release draft for more info.
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