Layer0 Analytics - Core Web Vitals & RUM

Real User Monitoring

Layer0 Analytics provides teams with real-time insight into their app and Core Web Vitals. Get started for free with just a script tag — your site doesn't need to be hosted on Layer0 to see real user metrics!

Core Web Vitals Tracking Made Simple

  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Consistent Correlating CWV Stats
  • Historical Tracking
  • Slice Data By Specifically Focused Metrics
  • Performance Monitoring for Caching

Iterate on Performance Faster with Layer0 Analytics

Teams focusing on Core Web Vitals and performance are often met with challenges around the effectiveness of their optimization efforts. With Layer0 Analytics, we provide the ability to improve velocity with real-time changes to your sites performance.
  • Cache key normalization
  • Cache spliting
  • GraphQL caching
  • Multiple backends on one domain
  • Iterative migration away from legacy backend

CDN config that you’ll actually use

For the first time ever, control the edge in JavaScript in your router to ensure high cache hit rates for your page URLs. CDN-as-JavaScript is convenient, expressive, and reliable because it goes through the PR => Review => Test => Release cycle like the rest of your code does.

Worse Performing Pages

Find out how your sites pages are performing based on their performance for a specific Core Web Vital indicator. This will allow your team to iterate more precisely and understand the dynamics around performance from page to page.

Incremental Layout Shift

For single page applications, Google attributes all layout shift to the original landing page, even when the user navigates away from the landing page on the client-side. Any client-side navigation that takes more than 500ms can add to the CLS score for the initial landing page.

Filters & Reporting

Quickly breakdown your performance by several different key variables such as Browser, Cache Hit, Connection, Country, Device Type, Page Label, and Split Test Variant.

Install In Minutes On Any Site

Your site does not need to be hosted on Layer0 in order to take advantage of Layer0 Analytics. Our team has made it available to any website via a simple Script Tag installation that can be used with Google Tag Manager for Marketing Manager or implemented directly for the Engineering team.

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