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The backend for your frontend

A serverless JavaScript tier that handles Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and API calls at runtime
  • Just-in-time SSR
  • Orchestrate and Aggregate APIs
  • Securely handle secrets

Handle sites with over a million pages

Pre-rendering won’t cut it for dynamic eCommerce websites with 1000s of SKUs, A/B tests, dynamic pricing, real-time inventory lookups, and promotions. Serverless JavaScript can handle in-line on-the-fly server-side rendered content that is consistently cached at the edge on EdgeJS.

Handle traffic spikes with ease

Layer0 customers often see 50x spikes in traffic, which they easily handle through Layer0's Serverless JavaScript tier that intelligently buffers and replays requests.
“Revolve, the leader in influencer eCommerce, chose the XDN to handle the huge spikes in traffic generated by celebrity influencer mentions.”
Ishan Anand, Founder and CTO

Enable proxy mode to iteratively migrate away from your legacy website

Manipulate your website’s existing HTML, JSON and JavaScript so you can migrate to your new headless website in small steps or create Synthetic APIs. Layer0's patented approach allows a site to work on pre-production and any other domain.

Highly Available

24 global geos and latency-based routing ensure that your site won’t go down.
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