Customer Support Policy

Version Effective Date: August 2020

Layer0 shall provide support to Customer for technical issues with the Service described in Section 5 below (“Production Support”) for no additional fee; however, response times and channels vary based on the Service subscription package or tier specified on the applicable Order, as set forth in Section 6 below.  Layer0 shall provide Customer developer support services described in Section 8 below (“Developer Support”) in accordance with the level of Developer Support, if any, specified in the applicable Order.      

1. Customer’s Support of End Users. Customer, at its own expense, undertakes all responsibility for the technical support of all End Users.  Accordingly, with respect to ongoing technical support, End Users will receive direct technical support from Customer and not from Layer0 and Layer0 will defer all such End User inquiries regarding the Project to the Customer.

2. Layer0’s Tier Two Support of Customer. If Customer cannot, after diligent good faith effort, resolve a support issue regarding the Project, Customer may escalate the issue to Layer0 in accordance with the technical support guidelines below.  Layer0 has no obligation to provide support to Customer for issues arising out of any Customer Assets.  Support Services constitute technical issues with the Service itself, such as, for example purposes only, errors, bugs, malfunctions, and network connectivity defects, which do not constitute Professional Services under the Platform Subscription Agreement.  

3. Third-Party Devices and Software.  For any third-party devices and software specified in the applicable Order or SOW, Layer0 supports the Projects on the versions of such third-party devices and software that the applicable third party has publicly announced it supports.  If such third party stops supporting a particular device or software, then Layer0 will no longer support the Projects on that device or software.

4. Submission of Support Requests.   Prior to making a support request (a “Request”) to Layer0, Customer shall use reasonable efforts to investigate and address a support issue (each and collectively, a “Defect”) without escalation to Layer0.  Thereafter, if Customer is unable to remedy the Defect, Customer may telephone Layer0 at 1-877-877-666-8932 extension 2 for assistance, but must in any case submit a written Request to Layer0 for technical support through the online help center accessible at or such other URL as Layer0 may provide.

     4a. When making a Request, Customer shall provide requested diagnostic information including but not limited to: (i) describing the problem, the configuration, and Customer’s network; (ii) providing relevant data; and (iii) communicating further via email or telephone to answer questions and assist Layer0 support personnel as appropriate.

     4b. Details regarding the process for handling Requests are available on Layer0s website or such other URL as Layer0 may provide.  

5. Production Support Issue Tiers.  Along with the Request, Customer shall indicate the characterization of the Request according to the criteria below.  If Layer0 believes in Layer0’s discretion that a different characterization of the Request is more accurate, Layer0 shall update the characterization of the Request and notify Customer of such re-characterization and provide Support Services as set forth below.

Sev 1 issues
  • Customer site powered on Moovweb not reachable
  • Deploy to production failing
Sev 2 issues
  • Control Center down
  • Control Center management issues - teams, users, accounts, etc.
  • Control Center account issues
  • Control Center user and team management issues
Sev 3 issues
  • Developer Tool installation issues
  • Can’t access Documentation
  • Documentation mis-match with the Service
  • Bug in the Developer Tools

6. Levels of Production Support. (based on Service subscription package)

Subscription Type Sev 1 Sev 2 Sev 3
Enterprise 24x7x365 phone support, Open ticket during Business Hours, Target response time: 30 mins Open ticket during Business Hours, Target response time: 60 min during Business Hours Forums and Twitter, Target response time: within 48 hours during Business Days
Developer Forums and Twitter Forums and Twitter Forums and Twitter

7. Hours of Availability. For these purposes, “Business Day” means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or Qualified Holidays and “Business Hours” means 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST (Pacific Standard Time).  “Qualified Holidays” are: New Year's Day; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Friday after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve; Christmas Day; and New Year’s Eve.

8. Developer Support Types.

    a. Documentation: Documentation includes access to all of Layer0’s installation guides, user guides and getting started guides which Layer0 makes generally available to users of the Service.

    b. Tutorials and Sample Code: Layer0 provides a range of step by step tutorials, sample code (as part of the Developer Tools) and starter projects for beginner to advanced developers.

    c. Weekly “Office” Hours:  Layer0 will host a weekly virtual office hour using a chat room or webex type session where developers, regardless of Layer0 account type, can ask questions of experts.  Sample topics that will be covered include JavaScript, how best to structure Projects/code, minimal troubleshooting issues with code, and installation issues of the Developer Tools.  Layer0 experts will not write code or review/diagnose full Projects or Customer-written code.

    d. Enterprise Developer Support:  Enterprise developer support is an add-on offering available to Layer0 Enterprise customers for a monthly subscription.  It includes a mandatory initial kick-start training and a monthly allocation of incidents for ongoing Developer Support.  Any developers who will utilize the monthly hours must participate in virtual classroom basic training.  Support will cover Transformation Scripts, how best to structure Projects/code, troubleshooting issues with code, and issues with Developer Tools.

Developer Support assumes developers have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and Layer0 will not cover supporting those languages.  While Layer0 experts may write snippets of code to help illustrate a concept or to correct a narrow issue with code, Layer0 experts will not write or deliver Implementation Code except as provided as part of Professional Services.  To engage with Professional Services, a customer can directly contact their named account manager (or sales rep) or call 877-666-8932 or email

9. Disclaimers.  Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Service provided by Layer0 hereunder is not perfect or error-free.  Customer also acknowledges that, despite Layer0’s commercially reasonable efforts, Layer0 may not be able to provide answers to or resolve some or all Requests. Layer0 makes no promises, guarantees or assurances of any kind that it will be able to resolve all of Customer’s Requests.  Further, Customer acknowledges that Production Support is only with respect to technical issues with the Service itself and is not a commitment to provide any support, Professional Services or any other services with respect to Customer’s implementation of a Project. Layer0 is entitled to reduce support hours specified in the applicable Order if the Customer's account is past due or the Customer is otherwise in default under the PSA. This Support Policy may be updated by Layer0 from time to time.

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